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I have been fortunate enough to get to navelgaze, opine, and/or thought-lead on a number of podcasts.

Similarly, sometimes I or my projects are covered in the press. I find this less consequential but slightly more fun.

I am blissfully name-dropped (and mistakenly referred to as “industrious”!) by Can Duruk in reference to the larger newsletter ecosystem.

I chatted with Mark Stenberg about the burgeoning “creator industry”, why emails are, uh, not the perfect platform, and what I think is missing from the shift to a patronage-based economy.

Nathan and I talk about Buttondown’s marketing approach and financial metrics.

I chat about how I find time to work on my projects (and how I approach work-life balance in general.)

Yaroslaw and I discuss the newsletter industry: how to choose a niche, how (and why) to monetize, and the common traits I notice across successful newsletters.

I chat about my career, how I work on projects, and tips for aspiring developers & founders.

Buttondown’s mentioned as an also-ran in the burgeoning email newsletters space. (Hey, I’ll take the SEO!)

I chat about how I juggle and prioritize projects and also about my love for Python.

Spoonbill’s first press mention.

Tinyletter — Buttondown’s biggest competition in 2018 — was facing a lot of heat because the service had been mentioned as being sunset. I got to take advantage of this.

My first press clipping! I built a very fun and silly Twilio app that would respond to emojis with corgi pictures and it went briefly extremely viral.