Hello! arcana dot computer is a weblog from Justin Duke. (That’s me.)

I run Buttondown and Spoonbill. Before that, I spent four years at Stripe, where I did things like:

  • building data products into mature lines of business
  • managing reporting infrastructure & components used by hundreds of thousands of merchants
  • running and scaling Stripe's Product Quality initiative

I also have a very nice Corgi puppy and mentor aspiring technologists in partnership with Unloop. With what precious time remains, I generally am either playing video games with my fiancé, watching basketball, or writing for this very web site.

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Alternatively, you can jump right into some writing. This domain is an ongoing work: links below that are slightly faded are drafts, and unclickable links are placeholders for future content. You’re welcome to peruse them, of course, and you might also enjoy my shorter, more blog-y posts.

Lastly, if you’re interested in chatting, you can find me on Twitter or reach out over email. I love getting random tweets and emails, I promise.