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I start more things than I finish!

Sometimes this is vaguely virtuous, and a Umeshism of sorts: if you don’t leave a bunch of books unfinished or games with credit screens unvisited, you’re probably too afraid of abandoning things and need to revisit your mental model of sunk costs.

Sometimes this is… less virtuous. I’m very bad at finishing JRPGs, for instance: the middle act of such games always seems to bore me and the past few truly long games I’ve finished I basically sprinted as quickly as possible through the waning hours of the game. Ending things is never as exciting as starting them, you know?

This page is a monument to all of those little journeys that I abandoned halfway through. Some I plan on revisiting at some point — Agatha Christie’s Poirot is delightful but I need a break from cookie-cutter whodunits, and Baba Is You is a perfect game that I need to spend some time away from for my own sanity. Some I do not — Borderlands 2 sucks and I accidentally spoiled myself on the most interesting parts of Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass. Either way, it feels like a fun inversion of the concept of the antilibrary: a room dedicated to all of the things I, for one reason or another, have started but don’t particularly care to finish.

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Made in 2022
Written by Caroline Shaw
Made in 2021

Okay, I get why Daft Punk was such a big deal now. This album is sick! And also now I suddenly understand all of the songs that sampled this album!

PlayStation 4

I picked this up because I had a hankering for JRPG gameplay that was mindless but not too mindless, and boy has it fit the bill thus far. The Pokemon-style gameplay is easy to pick up and grok but it is brutal: I died something like five times in the little tutorial dungeon. Online comments indicate that the start of the game is the hardest (which is certainly true of Persona 5, the only other SMT game I’ve beat) but it’s a good feeling of difficulty (except for the demon negotiations, which seem needlessly obtuse.)

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PlayStation 4
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